mercredi 4 février 2009

My new dog Domino

I present to you a new inhabitant in the Sea of Clothes: my dog Domino !

Isn't he so cute ?

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I had a lot of presents: a lot of Marc Jacobs things (and others lot of things of course ;) ), from the new shop in Paris.

Here I wear my Marc Jacobs scarf.


The headband is so fashion and it needs to be glitter and bling like Nicole Ricchie.

Here (it's christmas), I wear a Sonia Rickiel dress and a vintage headband.

Elephant pants

Good news girls ! The elephant pants is back for this spring !

But for this season, we mixed the pants with violet, and they need to be lighted and torn.
Here I wear Diesel pants, and Zadig & Voltaire shirts.

Le chapeau de paille

For spring 2009, le chapeau de paille, is so fashion ! The cow-girl look is always fashion for this spring like this winter but we turned the look in spring look with hot and sexy clothes like shorts, hats, shirts with squares.

dimanche 30 novembre 2008

What my sister wears today

She's wearing a total look of her favourite brand; Bonpoint with a glitter headband. So cute !

Uggo Bacci shoes

There are my Ugoo Bacci "ballerines". I love them !

My little-little bathroom

I love it ! It's sooo messy but I love to pass my free time to try make-up and everything...and there are a lot of Vogue publicities...

My room...

My fabulous dressing-room and my lovely bed.

My room...

I like these "poufs" when my friends go at home.

My room....

That's my messy desk :s with two pictures of my lovely Audrey and Marylin... and my new home-made Mood-Board.

My room

That's my fabulous room: a Marylin (and Audrey Hepburn on the other side) "paravent", a lot of colors mixed with black and white.

Shooping and new big make-up box

So, yesterday, when I went shopping with my BFF, I bought this fabulous BIG box of make-up !

What I wear for the week-end

Yesterday, I went shopping in the 17th arrondissement with friend and I wore this Zadig&Voltaire T-shirt and glitter Rock'n Roll "débardeur".

What I wore today

I wear this new Berenice pink tunic with a big belt and Levi's jeans.

What I wear today

I wear this fabulous new glitter Maje dress with big belt and leggins with boots.

The Angel sweat

The Angel T-shirt by Berenice is the ultra-fashion piece of that moment ! I'm totally crazy of it !

My little cutie sister

That's my sister, Quitterie, isn't she so cute ? She's wearing Bonpoint pants (she wears this cute brand a looooot), a Burberry "foulard" and a Berenice sweat.

Some new Pocahontas Minitonka shoes

I love my new Pocahontas shoes that my Mom bought me in vintage shop.

The little girl on Maje T-shirt

Don't you think this little english woman is cute ?

What I wore today

Hey everyone ! That was a long week like usually with a lot of works... But there are the vacation nearly... in 3 weeks !

Here I wear a Maje T-shirt, a Zep vest and Levi's jeans with belt.

dimanche 23 novembre 2008

Chloé Winter 2008-2009 shoes collection

Emmanuel Ungaro show

Ungaro show for winter 2008-2009 (L) with Tanya Dziahileva.

My Mom dressing-room

It's my Mom, Muriel, dressig-room which was totally put in order recently ! With the colors and the type of clothes.

Home made Mood-Board

I've made this new Mood-Board this week-end and I'm so proud of me ! The theme is "Habillé-déshabillé" the "habillé" for Russia and the "déshabillé" for Paris. It inspires me cold and hot clothes with the colors which go with.

What I wear today: aah I'm late to school !

Here are Maje tunic, Maje sweater and vintage belt.


I'm sorry of this week: I didn't put a lot of new photos, it's because of my exams but this week, I have just a spanish test so I will put more photos !
xoxo Marie

What I wear today

I wear a Maje shirt with Maje top and H&M pants with my Ann-Tui boots.


They are boots of the winter: Ann-Tui black boots, Barbara Bui marron boots and some short boots.

My parties shoes and some new shoes

They are my shoes for parties ! I could wear them everytime ! And there are some new shoes with big diamonds. I love them !

What I wear today

I love this Sandro shirt and vest with Levis jeans and Ann-Tui boots.

My dressing Room

I'm so happy because my mom bought for me a lot of clothes this week so my poor little dressing room (see the photo) is full now (photos nearly...) !

I like to organise my clothes:

-the T-shirt and sweaters

-the shoes

-the dresses for everyday and for parties...

Sacha (L) with Prada

I love this model and I LOVE the brand ! It's such an amazing designer ! (L)

The head nacklace

I'm so stressed because of all the exams and papers I have to return so I'm very tired ! Here I wear a vintage head necklace with pearls.

A new bag !

I wanted to present you my new bag: a fashion vintage bag with a lot of fringes.

What I wear this week

It was just a long week with lot of papers so I couldn't go in the Sea of Clothes to put somes new photos but now it's the week-end so I can. Here I wore a Maje cashmeere top and Maje shorts... You have probably guessed that Maje is my favourite brand ! I love it !

dimanche 16 novembre 2008

Jane Aldridge

She is the best for fashion teen clothes ! I love to read her blog !

It's just a Bible of style (everything is not to wear everyday and Jane herself doesn't wear everything out of her home, but you can pick some ideas...). Here she's wearing a mongolian lamb fur vest (THE piece of this winter) with a lage vintage dress.


This is the Bible of fashion: the all jean you must have in your dressing room: from the shorts to the elephant jeans.


It inspires me feelings of a new fashion between old fashion like the 80's and a new design...

Today's Inspiration Board

Balmain Spring 2009

YSL: the best designer

An YSL dress that my mother bought at the private sell with a Murval bag and D&G sunglasses, and that I wear at an American wedding in San Jose, California.


My name is Marie-Caroline and I'm 16.
I live in Paris, the city of fashion, with my mother, who's very fashion, my father, my brother who's 13 and my sister who's 8 and very fashion.

On this photo (it was before a party 2 weeks ago), I wear an H&M dress with a lot of fringes.