mercredi 4 février 2009

My new dog Domino

I present to you a new inhabitant in the Sea of Clothes: my dog Domino !

Isn't he so cute ?

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I had a lot of presents: a lot of Marc Jacobs things (and others lot of things of course ;) ), from the new shop in Paris.

Here I wear my Marc Jacobs scarf.


The headband is so fashion and it needs to be glitter and bling like Nicole Ricchie.

Here (it's christmas), I wear a Sonia Rickiel dress and a vintage headband.

Elephant pants

Good news girls ! The elephant pants is back for this spring !

But for this season, we mixed the pants with violet, and they need to be lighted and torn.
Here I wear Diesel pants, and Zadig & Voltaire shirts.

Le chapeau de paille

For spring 2009, le chapeau de paille, is so fashion ! The cow-girl look is always fashion for this spring like this winter but we turned the look in spring look with hot and sexy clothes like shorts, hats, shirts with squares.