dimanche 30 novembre 2008

What my sister wears today

She's wearing a total look of her favourite brand; Bonpoint with a glitter headband. So cute !

Uggo Bacci shoes

There are my Ugoo Bacci "ballerines". I love them !

My little-little bathroom

I love it ! It's sooo messy but I love to pass my free time to try make-up and everything...and there are a lot of Vogue publicities...

My room...

My fabulous dressing-room and my lovely bed.

My room...

I like these "poufs" when my friends go at home.

My room....

That's my messy desk :s with two pictures of my lovely Audrey and Marylin... and my new home-made Mood-Board.

My room

That's my fabulous room: a Marylin (and Audrey Hepburn on the other side) "paravent", a lot of colors mixed with black and white.

Shooping and new big make-up box

So, yesterday, when I went shopping with my BFF, I bought this fabulous BIG box of make-up !

What I wear for the week-end

Yesterday, I went shopping in the 17th arrondissement with friend and I wore this Zadig&Voltaire T-shirt and glitter Rock'n Roll "débardeur".

What I wore today

I wear this new Berenice pink tunic with a big belt and Levi's jeans.

What I wear today

I wear this fabulous new glitter Maje dress with big belt and leggins with boots.

The Angel sweat

The Angel T-shirt by Berenice is the ultra-fashion piece of that moment ! I'm totally crazy of it !

My little cutie sister

That's my sister, Quitterie, isn't she so cute ? She's wearing Bonpoint pants (she wears this cute brand a looooot), a Burberry "foulard" and a Berenice sweat.

Some new Pocahontas Minitonka shoes

I love my new Pocahontas shoes that my Mom bought me in vintage shop.

The little girl on Maje T-shirt

Don't you think this little english woman is cute ?

What I wore today

Hey everyone ! That was a long week like usually with a lot of works... But there are the vacation nearly... in 3 weeks !

Here I wear a Maje T-shirt, a Zep vest and Levi's jeans with belt.

dimanche 23 novembre 2008

Chloé Winter 2008-2009 shoes collection

Emmanuel Ungaro show

Ungaro show for winter 2008-2009 (L) with Tanya Dziahileva.

My Mom dressing-room

It's my Mom, Muriel, dressig-room which was totally put in order recently ! With the colors and the type of clothes.

Home made Mood-Board

I've made this new Mood-Board this week-end and I'm so proud of me ! The theme is "Habillé-déshabillé" the "habillé" for Russia and the "déshabillé" for Paris. It inspires me cold and hot clothes with the colors which go with.

What I wear today: aah I'm late to school !

Here are Maje tunic, Maje sweater and vintage belt.


I'm sorry of this week: I didn't put a lot of new photos, it's because of my exams but this week, I have just a spanish test so I will put more photos !
xoxo Marie

What I wear today

I wear a Maje shirt with Maje top and H&M pants with my Ann-Tui boots.


They are boots of the winter: Ann-Tui black boots, Barbara Bui marron boots and some short boots.

My parties shoes and some new shoes

They are my shoes for parties ! I could wear them everytime ! And there are some new shoes with big diamonds. I love them !

What I wear today

I love this Sandro shirt and vest with Levis jeans and Ann-Tui boots.

My dressing Room

I'm so happy because my mom bought for me a lot of clothes this week so my poor little dressing room (see the photo) is full now (photos nearly...) !

I like to organise my clothes:

-the T-shirt and sweaters

-the shoes

-the dresses for everyday and for parties...

Sacha (L) with Prada

I love this model and I LOVE the brand ! It's such an amazing designer ! (L)

The head nacklace

I'm so stressed because of all the exams and papers I have to return so I'm very tired ! Here I wear a vintage head necklace with pearls.

A new bag !

I wanted to present you my new bag: a fashion vintage bag with a lot of fringes.

What I wear this week

It was just a long week with lot of papers so I couldn't go in the Sea of Clothes to put somes new photos but now it's the week-end so I can. Here I wore a Maje cashmeere top and Maje shorts... You have probably guessed that Maje is my favourite brand ! I love it !

dimanche 16 novembre 2008

Jane Aldridge

She is the best for fashion teen clothes ! I love to read her blog http://seaofshoes.typepad.com/ !

It's just a Bible of style (everything is not to wear everyday and Jane herself doesn't wear everything out of her home, but you can pick some ideas...). Here she's wearing a mongolian lamb fur vest (THE piece of this winter) with a lage vintage dress.


This is the Bible of fashion: the all jean you must have in your dressing room: from the shorts to the elephant jeans.


It inspires me feelings of a new fashion between old fashion like the 80's and a new design...

Today's Inspiration Board

Balmain Spring 2009

YSL: the best designer

An YSL dress that my mother bought at the private sell with a Murval bag and D&G sunglasses, and that I wear at an American wedding in San Jose, California.


My name is Marie-Caroline and I'm 16.
I live in Paris, the city of fashion, with my mother, who's very fashion, my father, my brother who's 13 and my sister who's 8 and very fashion.

On this photo (it was before a party 2 weeks ago), I wear an H&M dress with a lot of fringes.